Open MRI Center

Location: VAMC Seattle, WA
Owner: Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Completion: October 2011
Cost: $4,615,341.00

This project consists of a new, two-story 6,000 SF building addition to the existing hospital and renovation of approximately 3,000 SF to create a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) suite.  The work involved construction of a seismically hardened building on a drilled pier foundation system that is tightly situated in a space between three existing adjacent structures.  Conditions involved limited site access and lay down area and the need for work-around subterranean structures.  This project included the design and installation of a custom temporary shoring system to reinforce the subterranean structures during the course of construction.  These measures saved the Owner considerable time and money without significant impact on the hospital’s ongoing operations.  Although this project had an unusual foundation design, Kevcon was able to devise a concrete placement and steel erection plan that allowed efficient access to the building for further erection and did not compromise the design.

“Project Photos Coming Soon”